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Computer rental providers provide computers on rent to you as per the requirements you make. You can pay for the duration for which you need the computer. Once your purpose is solved you will have to return the computer to the service provider

You can either directly call and tell us your requirements or can write to us on our mailbox. We respond to your mails within 24 hrs of receiving your request.

There is not fixed time limit. But make sure you make your requirements clear while hiring the computers and tell us well in advance the time duration for which you may require computers on rent.

General Questions

When I rent your computers? Will you help us install

Yes we offer complete service from installing to uninstalling. You won’t have to worry for any service.

Is there any time limit for the service?

No there is no time limit

Can I use the computer for high end programming work?

You can, but you will have to tell us your requirement before you hire so that we can prepare your computer for your use. Tell us what all softwares you may need for your work and we will install them beforehand.

What is the Cost?

It depends on the service you opt for

If I want some software to be installed, can you help us install them?

We can but you will have to tell us your requirements when you hire our service. After hiring also if such requirements emerges, do call and inform us, we have a professional team to handle this service efficiently.

What if computer has technical fault after I hire?

Our technical team is available 24x7 to help you as and when you need. Give us a call and your problem will be resolved. If there is a major problem then your computer will be replaced with another working computer